Happy Halloween

In celebration of Halloween, here are some photos that I took of a good friend of mine (Wren Walker) a few years ago. I also want to congratulate her on staring in a horror movie, Peelers, that is currently playing in film festivals across Canada and America.

For this fun photoshoot, we shot a series of Wonder Woman in her everyday life. And when you're Wonder Woman, you pretty much wear your super hero outfit at all times ;)

The Red Dress...

Better late than never...
These photos were taken last spring/summer and I only had the chance to post them this year. YES, that long! Why? I have been so busy! I have been working on a stop-motion music video that is set to be released this summer (or perhaps sooner!). It is the first stop-motion video that I have worked on so there was a lot to learn. Luckily, I worked with a very talented group which made the whole experience enjoyable. 
I will make an announcement as soon as the music video is released :)

Model below is the beautiful, talented Asia Barclay
Make-up: Ashley Martin
Assistant photographer: Pegleess Barrios